$3 charge?

I have ring doorbell and was told I now need to pay $3 monthly to pay for the videos that are captured. I was only told when I bought I could pay for monthly monitoring of $10. How do I get this $3 fee waived but still be able to view videos if I don’t want my videos uploaded to the cloud unless I ask for a particular one to be uploaded if necessary?

$3 a month is the basic one device plan. The $10 is the plus plan with home monitoring of the alarm and unlimited devices. Also a warranty as long as you have the plan.
The free one doesn’t let you see any recorded videos. You can’t just record without the cloud as well. I think the basic year is only $30 plus tax. The plus is $100 plus taxes too. Monthly is more more money of course. Hope this helps.

Yes it helped thanks.

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