3/4 picture is pink floodlight camera

It seems odd that to some customers they offer a new camera, others a coupon toward a new camera. Obviously, this is becoming a common problem with these cameras for many people. Our one camera also.

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I have the same problem, I called the customer support. They had sent the reboot signal from their end. That didn’t solve the problem. Then they asked me to power cycle the camera, that fixed part of the problem. Street and cars were OK. But the shrubs still looked pink. So they decided to send me the replacement. I am having doubt on the quality of the product, after an year or so it started acting up. Hope everyone else is not experiencing the same.

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My outside lights are hooked up to a lightswitch inside, so I was able to easily test by flipping the lightswitch.

I have had this problem now for 7 months without resolution. Everytime i call customer service they waste my 45 minutes try to reset etc. I even tell them i have done everything but still need to go through this. Now they will tell me i am out of warranty even though automated billing is renewed. Very sad customer Ring needs competition for them to get better. There is clearly problem with cameras when one fine day it shows pink. Customer service will stall you for a while. This post is resolved as per Ring, call their customer service!!!

Another disgruntled customer here…

Pink screen from IR filter I guess. All the same things written by others in earlier ones. Even the slapping it (which only sends it back toggled… so need to continually go and slap it if you want to toggle back and forth each time)

Had my floodlight cam less than a year and a half, and am out of warranty. This camera was under cover protected from elements even. I was also only offered the 35% discount. (They didn’t even send that to me code yet) So essentially they think that I will purchase another $250 product that won’t last 2 years, for an extra $161.85. Who knows how long that one will even last?!?

I am going to be happy to share my opinion of the poor quality of the product to the hundreds of adults students I teach daily to spread the word and warn them of the waste of money that this product is. So many competitors out there that I will be sure to inform these hundreds of potential customers (each semester) in my classes of my experience, as a heads-up to what their hard earned money may be spent on.

Sadly only people who already purchased this junk piece will be reading this, but I will remedy that issue.

Congrats to those under a year that got a replacement. The rest of us though, are simply S.O.L. with this company.


Hi all,
I had this same exact problem and was out of warranty. My crude fix was to give my Ring flood camera a few hard taps on the side while viewing in “live mode”. The picture shuttered a few times and then returned to normal. A few people mentioned this problem is related to a stuck IR filter. Hope this helps those out of warranty!


This just happened to my floodlight cam today.

Gently tapping the camera helped to jostle the IR filter close, but it won’t open again - so while I have removed the pink hue during the day time, I don’t have IR at night…

I too am outside my warranty, and I had mistakenly thought that a basic protect plan had ongoing warranty. I never considered the plus plan because I only had one Ring device, I should have paid closer attention to the warranty details, my fault.

I bought my floodlight cam in May of 2017, after six months motion detection just stopped. After troubleshooting the device with tech support, they decided to just send a replacement. I was disappointed to see that the replacement I got was a used unit (visible dings and scratches on the unit) , but installed anyways. This replacement unit is what has recently failed, so about 2 years before failure.

Highly recommended to just pull the trigger on the protect plus plan even if you only have one Ring device, these products just don’t last, even though I installed my floodlight under my porch protected from the elements . I know this is just one instance from my perspective, but my friend also has had issues under a year with his.

Unsure if I’m going to continue forward with Ring, quite disappointed with its durability.


This is clearly a product defect. I am completely shocked that Ring will not replace this product after 15 months. After I tried all the reset options, customer support was also unsuccessful in resolving this red problem. The only option given to me by customer service manager Neil was to buy a new camera for 35% off. Really! I have multiple Ring products and would expect a replacement considering this is a known and documented defect. This camera was properly installed, partially undercover and not exposed to severe weather conditions. Extremely disappointed/unhappy customer!

I’m having the same issue, seems to be a product issue Ring should work on fixing for good and replace defective ones as reported. I will try to reset and see if that corrects the issue.

I’m curious do you have the Ring Protect Plus plan?

Yes but I didn’t get that until December when I added the security system

Resetting did not work for me and others, I think a class action lawsuit might be the way to go.


I just wanted to make sure that Ring was actually upholding their extended warranty under the Protect Plus Plan.

As you’ve suggested, apart from a class action lawsuit, I’m not sure what else can compel Ring to fix this clear defect with these units. We are five pages deep, not sure that’s enough to get Ring’s attention.

If there is only a handful of us, then Ring should be happy to make this right for us…

Same problem here. Camera just started experiencing this problem a week ago.

This definitely worked no need to smack it hard I just gave it a couple small taps with my finger nail on the side where the pink shows and bam!!! Clear picture once again. Thanks for this suggestion.

I’ve had this issue for a few months now, was hoping it would go away. I will try tapping on it in live mode to see if that helps. Either way, I like the product and feel that for the cost it is hard to expect an outdoor appliance such as this to have an extended warranty unless you purchase one, which I will consider for the future.

I spoke with Ring Support and was able to obtain a replacement after troubleshooting.

They asked me to do the following:

  1. Send a screenshot of the camera displaying the issue via live view
  2. hold the reset button the camera for 30 seconds. Confirm if the issue was still present.
  3. power cycle the camera and wait 60 seconds. Confirm if the issue was still present.

I was authorized a replacement after these steps. Worth a shot to reach out to support and reference this thread.

I have two other floodlight cams which are not displaying this issue. The other floodlight cams have more sun exposure than the one that’s failing so I believe it has to do with a defect in the camera sensor which the color shifts from night to day/etc.

I also recommend that people just spring for the protect plus plan, since the floodlight cam clearly has an issue with its IR filter.

With that said, I paid full price for my floodlight cam ($250) and have it installed under my porch completely protected from the elements, so I feel it’s reasonable to expect my floodlight cam to be defect free after only 2.5 years of service.

The floodlight cam I have installed now is actually a replacement from the brand new one I bought which had another issue. So these camera’s have questionable quality, which is why its actually a bad idea not to get the ring protect plus plan.

I would venture to say that most of the people here have already called tech support and requested a replacement. However, most are just outside the warranty period and were not granted a replacement.

Are you still under warranty? Or did Ring give you a replacement outside of warranty?