3/4 picture is pink floodlight camera

Just to follow up. I reached out to Ring Via facebook and was able to get them to send me a free replacement. They categorized the issue as a Stuck IR filter.


Thanks for the update! We will have to give Facebook a try.

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@Gcc81-were you outside your warranty? We are being told because we are outside our warranty by a month they will not send us a replacement. Also, did you private message them on Facebook or did you post directly on their page? Thanks for any advise.


I agree, It also happened to my ring doorbell, so I had to throw that money in the trash as well. I should just stick with ARLO. A discount to a defective problem just means it will happen again. That’s not a solution.


I was out of warranty. Ring reviewed my case and saw that I pay for ring protect for my alarm system and said that although i signed up for ring protect about 2 months out of warranty, they were able to take that into consideration and provide me with a replacement. Apparently ring protect adds 1 year additional warranty to your products.


We are having the exact problem. Called Ring customer service they said I was out of warranty by 3 months, and all they could do is send a 100 dollar voucher for another one. What ticks me off is they know theres a problem with their equipment. After several attempts still have that pink screen. Why would I buy another one when you know there is a problem with Ring.


Well I’ll be dam! I went out there and smacked the sides and the pink is gone. Just like it was told the IR switch gets stuck. I hope it stays this way, but it’s corrected. Thanks to all!!!


LOL Smacking the sides also solved the issue for me. Thanks for the tip!


I was getting discouraged after reading some of the neighbors’ posts, then I read PB7310’s

solution. So what do I have to lose? Went outside and gave it a couple of smacks, and boom! Pink color gone. I wish I can think outside the box like that. Great job and thanks!


@Gcc81 wrote:

Apparently ring protect adds 1 year additional warranty to your products.

As I understand it . . . If you have the Ring Protect Plan all your devices are covered under warranty as long as you keep the Plan, as long as your devices were under original warranty when you signed up for the Plan. This is a great deal, IMHO.

I have same problem, we have been rebooting for months now. Thinking of switching to CPI as i am already paying for Ring and ADT.


Thanks for the tip it took a few tries but it worked

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Glad to hear that another fellow ring up and running with a simple “smack”

I tried the hard reset option a number of times and the pink would not go away. I fortunately purchased the Protect Plus Plan, so I contacted Ring and they sent it a new replacement. To my surprise it was at my doorstep in 2 days! First time I can remember a warranty exchange going that smoothly. They sent a return label for old device and give you 30 days to return it.

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My device is doing it too. It started with a slight pink edge a week ago and is now at over 1/3 pink. After 1/2 hour of troubleshooting (reviewing the videos, turning on/off power), the rep said that they would send a replacement processing 7-10 business days. Have to return the defective one within 30 days with a pre-paid label they give, or they charge full retail price. My only complaint is that going through this process took almost 40 minutes on phone. It should have been 10 minutes max.

all they offered me was a 35% discount on a new camera. this is obviously an issue and they don’t have a solutin to fix it

you are right that it is not a software issue but all they offered me was d discount code towards the purchase of another… If this happens again are they going to offer me another discount code. i’m a disappointed customer

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Our one camera has the pink glow picture. Is there an easy fix? I read that you should turn off power to this camera, then back on again. But not sure if anyone has had any lucky doing this. Also, what happens if you accidently hit the alarm. How is it turned off? Afraid to test it.

How do you reboot the camera? Glad it worked.

How do you get the protection plan.? Did you have best luck by calling them on the phone?