2nd Ring Doorbell just installed; now 1st disappeared off my app

We have a ring doorbell at our front door. The yearly subscribers renewed. Everything was working fine. I purchased a second one for our back door from my sister and now the first one disappeared from my app. I can only access it when there’s actual motion and I click on the notification on my phone that Theres motion at my front door. So basically, I can’t even access the videos nor the live view which I’m paying for. Only the back door doorbell is on my app, but that one doesn’t have the subscription, so I can ONLY do live on that one and no videos are recorded. Does anyone know how I get BOTH doorbells to show up on my app so I can access both live views when desired, as well as the recordings for the front door one?

Hi @ARodgers137. You mentioned that you added the second Doorbell at a different location, which means you’ll now have two locations in the Ring App. To access your first Doorbell, you’ll want to tap the name of the location in the top center of the Ring App and toggle between the locations. You should then see your Doorbell on the dashboard so you can access the Event History and the Live View. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: