2nd Ring alarm system for domant house and elderly relative - alerts?

Hi All

A elderly relative has started having health issues so she will be moving with her family for a few months, her house will be empty so we’re trying to find the best way to keep an eye on it while shes not there.

She is thinking of getting a Ring alarm system (she already has a Ring doorbell gen2), is there a way to get alerts or notifications if the alarm goes off without adding that alarm system to your own account?

I’ve got my own Ring alarm system so ideally do not want to add her alarm to my account but wasnt sure if there was any way to still get alerts etc without doing this, advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @marcster. After setting up the Ring Alarm under her account, you can be added as a Shared User so you can still receive alerts and notifications without having the system set up under your account. Shared Users can also arm and disarm the system via the Ring App and via the keypad with a passcode that is set up. I hope that helps answer your question! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Caitlyn_Ring

One final question, if she gets a Ring alarm system and Ring cameras (she already has ring doorbell), can I be added as a shared user for all of those devices?

Also can I choose not to receive notifications for her devices and only receive notification if her alarm goes off? my intention is only to access her cameras if the alarm was to go off, as I also have ring devices I just want notifications for my own devices mainly.

Hey @marcster. Chiming in for Caitlyn here! You can most definitely have yourself added as a shared user. The same way you would add her as a shared user through your Ring app, you will have to ensure she shares you as a user in her Ring app. You can also let her know that during the setup process, it will prompt her to add someone as a shared user, which she will then want to include your Ring email for your account then.

In regards to the notifications, you will just turn off motion/ring alerts for the devices she shares you on, and then under Alarm Alerts for your app, you will just want to ensure you have these notifications turned on. Therefore, you will get alerts for her alarm whenever it goes off. Just ensure that she adds you as a shared user on the Alarm as well! :slight_smile: