2nd Generation Ring VS Ring 2

Ring have added Today added the “Ring 2nd Generation” to there website. Confusingly in the spot the “Ring 2” used to be. The “Ring 2” has become the “Ring 3” and the “Ring 3” has become the “Ring 3 Plus”

So in order now they go:
Ring 1st Generation (720 camera)
Ring 2nd Generation (1080 camera)
Ring 3 (in retail stores as Ring 2)
Ring 3 Plus (in retail stores as Ring 3)
Ring Pro
Ring Elite

I don’t know if this is on purpose or not, but retail stores are loving this confusion, by advertising the “Ring 2nd” on sale for $249, when it’s everyday price was only ever $149 to begin with! Consumers (like Me) are thinking they are getting a bargain as the “Ring 2” (now the Ring 3) has an everyday price of $349 (comes on sale from time to time for $249)

Hope I haven’t confused you too much, like You did Me!