2nd Generation Motion Setting Questions

Just got the brand new hardwire 2nd generation. After reading all I can can’t figure out zones. It’s alerting me every time a car passes by but today an Amazon truck pulled up and delivered a package and the truck showed up but no video of the person delivering it who came onto the front stoop. I want To be able to see people who come to the front steps and deliver packages even if they don’t ring the door bell. And how do I turn off alerts for cars passing by? Thx!!


I literally have the exact same problem. Three deliveries to my front door, none were captured. But 40+ cars that passed by all were!

Having the same exact problem. I even have the motion zone shut off that goes out toward the street but I still get alerts whenever a car goes by. Also according to Ring support information I should be able to manually adjust my motion zones but I have had no luck with that and it appears that there are 4 set zones and thats it.

I have the same problem. If you have stops your supposed to get the wedge. I installed the wedge and sometimes I get a delivery person and sometimes I don’t.it doesn’t get anyone unless they go right to the door. It is very frustrating it should pick up motion on the lawn when someone is coming not right when they are at the door or leaving.

If you are using Motion Verification, disable it. Does not work and will cause it to not record all motion videos. If you have selected “House is facing the street” disable it, then it will get rid of the dark blue person detection area, and allow you to set how far you want motion deteced. Still not perfect but works a lot better. If you have disabled certain zones, enable them as that option is also buggy and inaccurate.

This is in reference to the battery powered Doorbell 2.

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Thank you. I followed your directions. So far it is slightly better. I will try again. I also turned off street on motion setting. Should I say steps or no steps. I have it on max sensitivity.

Steps or no steps is just a question, if you say yes then it recommends using the wedge. It does not alter any settings. Yes I know, the way they have set it up leads you to believe that it will change some setting, but unfortunately that is not the case.

I have the same exact problems. I have installed on a porch with steps. I tried installing it on different heights And still have the same issue. I have bought the wedges and corner kits and the Wi-Fi extender. No matter what I do things only get slightly better or stay the same. I am never able to get anybody walking from the front lawn to my steps. It is extremely frustrating.

With the battery version you are not going to get beyond 6’ of Person Detection (if installed with a down wedge and verification off, otherwise 2’-3’ ). Beyond that it will detect cars and large objects. That is why I returned the Spotlight Cam Battery after tweaking it for 3 days, same design flaw.

I hear the algorithm on the wired ones (where you can draw out the detection zone) has a better detection algorithm, so unless they push out an update to the battery cams that is that best you will get. I do have the wired indoor cam (where you can draw out the zone) and it performs much better. It actually detects people through a glass door.

I just had a package delivered exactly 6’ directly in front of the Doorbell, and it failed to record (usually they leave it at the door and I get about 2 seconds worth of facial video, and then the back of the person). As you can tell from this forum this is a known issue and Ring should either push out an update, do a recall, or institute some kind of an exchange /upgrade program. Otherwise we are all stuck with an expensive doorbell. If I have to replace this, I will go with another brand and switch away from the Ring ecosystem entirely.

Hi neighbors. If you are still having this concern, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team so they can investigate this issue and get to the bottom of it for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Please feel free to come back to this thread and let the other neighbors in this thread what you did to address this concern!

Do I need to subscribe to one of the plans to see who was at my auto last night. Or, is there a way I can review history

@JonathanRoss wrote:
I literally have the exact same problem. Three deliveries to my front door, none were captured. But 40+ cars that passed by all were!

Hi @wsew. To view any recorded video, you do need a Ring Protect Plan subscription. Without a plan, you will be able to use Live View and 2 way audio. I hope this helps!


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