2nd generation motion detector detects poorly


Just got the 2nd generation alarm system with 2 motions. I set up the first motion 7.5 feet above floor in corner of living room. No obstructions. Advertised with 30 foot dectection range. I have sensitivity set to high. Furthest point away is 25 feet and it has no idea I’m there even if I’m jumping up and down. Same thing at 20 feet. Starts to see me once I’m within 15 feet, so depending what path an intruder takes, they could break into the house, pass through the far side of the room and continue on their way. So it detects motion but poorly.

I spoke with tech support and basically the extent they could do is confirm I had it set to high sensitivity and it detects motion eventually. Where we left it is I’d try out the other motion to see how the two compare as maybe the first was a dud.

So I set up the other one, but I didn’t stick this one to the wall yet and tried in various locations. It’s just as bad as the first.

I can’t imagine this was released to market designed to work this way and thinking maybe since this is a new product maybe it’s a bad initial batch. Anyone else disappointed with their 2nd generation motion?



I too have the same issues with the 2nd gen motion sensors. However I am a first time user so I did not have a reference information with regards to the previous gen. motion sensor. Also, the motion sensor keeps detecting even when the system is in the dis-armed mode. Is that supposed to happen?


I think the motion sensor detects motion all of the time. However, it will only activate the alarm if your system is set to “away.”

Hi neighbors! The Alarm Motion Detectors should work the same whether it is 1st gen or 2nd gen.

@alvarto, it sounds like you’ve taken all the best steps to optimize detection for that area. The mounting height and sensitivity settings are the best first factors to check. Beyond that, please also consider any variables in the environment. As all environments vary, keep an eye out for an inclines or declines in the room, steps, walls or other features that might make an area tough to reach. I recommend also checking the room for any heat sources or windows within view, that might affect the motion detection range.

Check out our help center article about setting up Motion Detectors for tips on mounting and environmental factors. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: