2nd Generation Doorbell wiring yes or no resistor

Seen conflicting info.

Simply put - do I need a resistor on 2nd gen doorbell (basic not pro or anything)?

I have no original doorbell - I’ve wired a transformer to a plug and was intending to go straight to doorbell?


Hi @TJMJ. This Help Center article here has all the correct information on wiring your Ring Video Doorbell Generation 2 directly to a transformer.

Thanks Tom_Ring - that’s the standard install info but how come other Ring community managers are posting info that differs?

Should you correct these posts as they are misleading or are you unaware of this information?


Hi @TJMJ. Chiming in for Tom! What posts in particular have misinformation? Happy to look into this for you if you link me the posts here and give a bit more information! Please note that older posts may have outdated information as we continue to release new products/versions of these products.

Hi Chelsea - apologies I just copied the article link before - here’s the community chat.

Ring_Marley seems to clarify with Michael towards the end it’s ok with no resistor on Gen 2 standard doorbell - this was only 22-09-20 so assume its relevant info? Sorry to be a pain but you can see why it’s confusing!


@TJMJ Thank you, thank you for referencing that thread! Totally understand that this can be confusing with the names of our Doorbells and how things will change over time. This can definitely be confusing, and I appreciate you being better safe than sorry! After checking the thread, the most recent post is the relevant info so it’s safe to use that information as true. :slight_smile: