2nd Gen vid doorbell audio alerts hit n miss

Just got one of these, I think it’s set up right, I have the phone app (android) I get audio alerts on my chime when bell rings & when motion detected, I also get (text based) notification on my phone, sometimes I get an audio alert on my phone but more often than not I don’t.
The fact that it works sometimes must mean the settings are right so how come it doesn’t work every time

Hi @rjw66. I don’t have an Android, but I’d recommend reviewing the audio settings for notifications within your phone’s settings app. I have an iPhone, and if I flip the silent mode on, there is no audible alert played for notifications. I will still receive the notifications, and I can still adjust the volume for videos or music, but notifications will only make my phone vibrate. If I flip silent mode off, I hear the alert tone on my phone when I ring my Doorbell.