2nd gen ring doorbell won't connect to wifi

2nd Gen hard wired battery operated door bell failed and won’t connect.
Tried for two hours, disconnected 5ghz on router as recommended and tried to reconnected, still wouldn’t work. Simply wouldn’t connect to wifi.
Tried on two routers at two properties and nothing.
Just over one a year old. Fitted at my parents house so essential for me to keep an eye on comings and goings there.
Totally dissatisfied and terrible its only one year guarantee. Clearly wifi module within has failed.
Ordered a hard wired unit if only to test the wiring and router, took seconds to set up and works confirming the 2nd Gen developed a fault internally after only a year’s use . Useless. Been robbed by Amazon. Guarantee should be at least 2 years or longer.
If I have to do this every 13 or 14 months, I’ll totally change the entire system.
Chwares at fraction of the price looks good and a better looking term bet.
I spend fortunes with Amazon every year both possibly and thru business… Need to perhaps switch to someone else if I’m to be ripped off with defective products owned and distributed by Amazon…

Hi @Joev1231. The best course of action for this concern would be to contact our support team so they can ensure all applicable troubleshooting steps have been completed. Our support team can also review the warranty on your device to determine the best solution. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.