2nd Gen Motion Detector Battery Dead After 3 Months?!

I installed a Ring alarm system in my house on 17th June, and as of a couple of days ago one of the 2nd gen motion detectors was reporting low battery. As of today, it’s showing as dead, but I can see it’s still reporting events.

How can the battery have drained so quickly? It’s not an unusually high traffic area. It’s on the landing at the top of our stairs, and it’s only my wife and me in the house. It’s also not a particularly cold area. Finally, our previous alarm system (Yale EF) had a battery powered sensor in exactly the same location and the batteries only needed replacing at around 3 years.

Does it sound like the unit is faulty? Or perhaps the supplied battery was a dud? If this is normal then I’m very concerned about the ongoing cost, hassle and the environmental impact of new batteries every 3 months.

Hi @Jernie. Since the Motion Detector is still reporting events in the Ring App despite showing that the battery is dead, I would recommend resetting it and setting it back up in the Ring App to ensure everything is reporting correctly. Also definitely make sure that your Ring App and phone’s OS are both fully updated. You can find steps on how to reset the Motion Detector in our Help Center Article here, and once that reset is complete you can set it back up in the Ring App using the steps under Set Up a Device. Let me know how those steps work for you. :slight_smile: