2nd Gen Keypad status won't stay lit

It looks like I’m going to have to return the 2nd generation keypad. It has a fatal flaw. Hopefully, you can help me correct the problem so I don’t need to return it. Here’s the problem: The status light turns off unless it detects motion. This was not the case with my old, 1st generation keypad. With my old keypad, I could glance across the room before I opened a door and see the status of the alarm. With the new keypad when I glance at it from across the room it’s off. So instead of being able to see the alarm status from where I am, I have to walk over, wave my arms, and WAIT for the status light to turn on. This is pretty rediculous and definitely not an upgrade, at least for me. So unless you can tell me how to correct the problem I’ll be returning the keypad and purchasing the older, better, 1st generation keypad. Help!

If you would, please go to the Feature Request Board and give a thumbs up to the post titled “Keypad Gen2 Mode Lights”. I agree with your post, just need to get Ring to fix this with a firmware update.


Done! Thanks for the heads up!