2nd gen Doorbell. Motion captured but no chime when bell pressed

Just checking if anyone else has had this problem.

2nd Gen doorbell. Works just fine (apart from this). Wi-Fi signal is good, motions all captured as you would expect. No loss in quality etc etc.

Numerous times we have had motion alerts. You can see the person outside walk up to the doorbell and push the doorbell. You hear the doorbell chime outside on the video but we don’t always get the doorbell chime notification. We get a motion alert on the phone but no ding dong, not on the app not in the history and obviously no chime happening in the house.

Everything is recorded on video without issue but no chime is generated. It’s annoying we then have someone waiting outside to speak to us.

This doesn’t happen all the time and is sporadic.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Third time we’ve called support about it and they can’t fix it.

Hi @Arn_Oli. It should definitely register in the Ring app when the Doorbell is pressed, and deliver a notification. Checking the signal is a good step to take. I’d also recommend performing a quick reboot using the reboot option from the Device Health page. Monitor the Doorbell’s behavior after the reboot. If this happens again, it would be best to follow up with our support team, as your concern will likely need to be escalated since it is recurring.

Thanks for the reply, sadly done, done and done before posting here.

Have even reset the device and reattached it to the system.

I am at a complete loss to explain having an HD video of the doorbell being pushed and hearing the doorbell noise but no notification. There’s no signal issue, the video is recorded perfectly.

I had the same problem. It ended up being the 5G router for me. I reinstalled a new 3G WiFi network and everything started working. Since the last update within the last 2 mos, I have lost Snapshot Capture, Quick Replies ability, and about half of my motion range.

Hi @Beechnutt. In another post you commented on for not having Snapshot Capture working correctly, I mentioned that you should call our support team if the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the solution did not help. For your additional concerns, our support team will be able to investigate them as well.