2nd Gen Doorbell Charging query

Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a good Christmas.

Last Christmas I got a 2nd gen ring doorbell, it runs off the battery as no cabling to hardwire. Every time I have charged it in the past, when I plug it in I get the blue LED light filling up in sections depending on how much it is charged.

I’ve taken the doorbell off this morning to charge it as the app says it’s at about 20%. When I have plugged it in the whole ring is flashing blue.

Just wondering if this means there is a problem with the doorbell or has something changed with a software update or something?

Any advice is welcomed


Hi @Rinzler79. What is the RSSI for your Doorbell? This information can be found in the Ring app under the Device Health menu. If the RSSI is too weak, the Doorbell could be having a difficult time reconnecting. The blue light could also indicate that the Doorbell is detecting motion and recording. One more thing, once you’ve reinserted the battery, press the Doorbell button to activate the Doorbell. This will prompt a recording and once it is complete, it should cause the battery percentage to reflect the current battery level.