2nd Gen Door/Window Sensors

Do the new contact sensors offer the ability to temporarily deactivate them to open/exit the door with a button on the sensor when the alarm is set to HOME? If not, are there plans to incorprate this. It can be a pain to have to disarm the whole system to let a pet out or open the door to grab something quickly.


They do have a button on them but currently it seems to not do anything. Perhaps they’ll add it in the future? I suggest you post the feature in the feature section if you want to see it implemented.

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This is a great question @MikeRJ! The Duress Code can certainly work with your Alexa enabled devices. This requires your Alexa to be configured to use our Ring Alarm PINs to arm/disarm.

If your Alexa is configured to use the Alexa Voice PIN, then the Duress code will not available via Alexa. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same question. I would also like to disarm one contact sensor while we are Home

Hi @Ketfam. Here is a great Help Center article on how to bypass sensors for your Ring Alarm system.

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