2K / 4K cams offers (honest answer only)

Hi there,

I know there are already posts, surveys and so on on this subject (some of which are already over two years old), but do you have any plans to offer 2K or 4K cameras (wifi / wired)?

I think that many people are asking themselves this question, that many really like the Ring ecosystem, but that many are also moving on to the competition (Eufy for example…) because they have taken this turn in video security.

I know you said you didn’t have any information on the 2022 roadmap, but now we’re in 2024, I think a lot of people are asking this question, and you owe it to yourself to answer it honestly. “Yes, it’s in the pipeline or in production” or “No, we have no plans to offer these products anytime soon”.

Customers’ expectations are clear, so your answer needs to be too.

Thank you and have a nice day!


It’s an interesting question. Are you just wanting to stick with the Ring ecosystem for a specific reason? I only ask as you mention Eufy, which is a brand I am looking into simply because it isn’t attached to a constantly increasing subscription model.
4K is becoming the industry standard for home consumer CCTV and I am looking at swapping out my Ring Outdoor cameras for something else as the limited quality and the whole subscription increase thing is the straw that has broken the camel’s back for me. As you rightly say, Ring seem to be resting on their laurels when it comes to improving their offerings, but I am sick of waiting for something better to come along when instead we are just charged more for an already relatively poor service.
Ring say “the increases are due to the continued improvements”, but I’ve not seen any improvements or new products since I began buying into Ring products.

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I couldn’t agree with you more on Ring’s behavior towards its customers (and today’s new standards).

I asked the question because I think that Ring, if they took the trouble to produce “up to date” products, or at least products that followed current trends in terms of video security, would be much more attractive. I’m with them for the alarm, which is really a very good set. The subscription is certainly expensive, for obscure reasons, but in my opinion, it would be worth it if the associated products (excluding the alarm) were complete and up to date with the resolutions and features found in today’s competition, at reasonable prices (the Reolink 4K cameras [POE unfortunately] are very interesting, and there’s no extra charge for using the app and the camera detection AI).

I was asking because I’m not the only one who uses cameras and detection features. My wife has also gotten used to the Ring app. Nevertheless, it won’t be a problem for me to prepare a simple environment with new cameras. Eufy is interesting, but I’d like wifi cameras with mains power without a proprietary router.

In any case, I find it sad that I haven’t received any response from the Ring staff, who are quick to answer questions that don’t bother them… (ping @Tom_Ring / @Caitlyn_Ring) :eyes:

Gotcha, and makes a lot of sense.

I guess Ring has just jumped on the subscription bandwagon because the subscription business model is such a good and stable income, so increasing it is an easy (but disgusting) way to increase that income. Yes, its always been subscription, and I am happy to pay a subscription for the alarm (which I do have), but am beginning to find the subs (here in Ireland) do not really add much to the system. Here in Ireland we only get automated phone calls or texts to up to 5 phone numbers if the alarm sounds. The thing is, if we’re out of town, or the country, our phones inform us of that same break-in anyway, so I can just call my neighbour, so I have decided that’s not enough and have cancelled my subscription completely. Having the subscription adds nothing to the overall security the alarm gives us. I can still arm and disarm the system remotely (something I think we get that Ring’s Stateside customers do not) and by adding local storage cameras I can view any problems.

I’ve settled on a brand called ANRAN, which although another Chinese brand, is actually very good and the app works very well with only slight frustrations. For the cost of one Ring Outdoor Camera, I got a Pan and Tilt, local storage, 2K camera with built-in 20,000mAh battery, a solar panel included and colour night vision. Plus I got €30 change!
No, it doesn’t automatically start recording when the alarm sounds, but frankly this was of limited use when most burglars wear face coverings anyway.

I think Tom and Caitlyn are probably just too embarrassed to reply!

Good luck to you i whatever you decide to do. :+1:

Yes I understand and I totally agree with you. In particular, I took out the subscription because I need to be able to review the videos captured by my Ring Doorbell and because it also allows me to avoid annoying notifications with a bit more background processing (but I’m not taking anything away from what you’ve described very well, which is the same case for me in France).

Ah well, you’ve already started the migration to another system! Sounds like a good deal to me. Thanks for your feedback. I’ll keep looking for other solutions (Reolink or Hikvision with 4K + H265 + AI post-processing).

Haha I think so too. Yet it shouldn’t be a shame to respond, on the contrary I find it rather nice of customers to be interested in Ring’s product improvements… but obviously they prefer to turn a deaf ear.

Besides, I imagine we’re just waiting for a simple answer from them, not a precise deadline either:

  • “Yes, it’s planned”.
  • “No, it’s not planned”.

Thanks, you too buddy. :vulcan_salute:

Hi Neighbors. Some cameras like our Battery Doorbell Plus record in 1536p HD+ video. As far as you wanting to know if we are going to offer a “4K + H265 + AI post-processing” and a simple “Yes, it’s planned” or “No, it’s not planned”, to be completely honest, we’re not going to give you one of those answers. Ring as a company is not going to release a future or potential product roadmap, the same as most companies do not do this. What we can say is that we are always innovating and working nonstop to bring the highest quality products to our neighbors. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Ring devices and promise when information about new products become available, we’ll share them here in the Ring Community. Thanks, neighbors!

Hi @Tom_Ring and thanks for your reply, I appreciate you not letting this topic get buried.

I can understand, but without getting into the details of technical specs or company plans, are you able to tell us as a Ring customer expecting 2K or 4K video resolutions for outdoor cameras, if we could see this happening by next year or not? I understand your position, but please understand ours as well. A lot of people are hesitant to switch to brands that have already taken this step. Personally, I’d love to continue enriching my Ring ecosystem with your products. I usually recommend you without hesitation, but it’s something I’m finding increasingly difficult to do now, especially with your range of outdoor cameras.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply, and I hope you’ll be able to elaborate on your answer.

Hi @TRIGGERED. We do not have a roadmap or information on future devices, so we cannot elaborate further. Typically when a new product is released, it will be available for pre-order on Ring.com and we’ll make an announcement here on the Ring Community sharing that information.

I came to this thread because I am today about to purchase a competitor security camera with 4K. I wanted to know if it would be worth waiting for a Ring 4K. Since there is no indicative road map, it looks like a competitor is my best 4K option. Thank you, @TRIGGERED for raising this issue.