2F IOS No Keyboard

Iphone 6S+, IOS 13.5.1, no keyboard on phone to enter 2F code. No problems using a PC to log in. I have deleted app, turned phone off and on, and reinstalled Ring App but no change in results. Thus unable to log in from phone and Ring is useless when I’m away from my PC.

Hey @ME108. Could you take a screen recording of what this looks like? I’m currently on an iPhone 6S with iOS 13.5.1 and I have this option when trying to sign into the Ring app and website on my phone. Maybe seeing what you’re seeing will help us pinpoint why you’re running into this error! When attaching this video, you will need to compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file, as ZIP files can be attached to your reply and not MP4s. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. Alternatively, if the video is saved in the Event History in your Ring App, you can choose to share it via email and copy the link that is generated.

Thanks for your reply but a video or picture likely is unnecessary. On the Iphone, sign in goes normally until it requests entry of the 2F code. After going to the message to get the code, upon coming back to the the sign in screen it shows the usual 6 dashes on which to enter the code but the dashes are grayed out and no keyboard comes up on the Iphone screen. Thus nothing can be entered. Does that help you?

BTW, when I tried to use the chat feature of Ring help, all I got was answers regarding the home monitoring keypad. In other words, a bot type response to the word “keyboard” but it ignored that the question concerned the Iphone app. Can you tell I’m frustrated over what I hope is a simple problem?

@ME108 Totally understand where you’re coming from! The concern that you’re running into is definitely a unique situation and unfortunately we do not have a Help Center Article for our neighbors with this concern. This is why the chat feature was only able to get you an article on the Ring Alarm Keypad, as it’s not too sure what to find/search for you. No worries though, I’m here to help sort this out with you.

Do you have the text for your phone any larger than the normal font? Are you able to touch anywhere on the app to see if this can prompt the keyboard to pop up? Sometimes you may have to click around on the screen a couple times for the keyboard to pop up. In addition, as our iPhones slowly become outdated, they may slow down, which may be what you’re running into. As a fellow older generation iPhone user, I notice this on some of my apps I use (not just Ring).

I know you mentioned in your first post as well that you have already removed and reinstalled the app while rebooting your phone in between, but could you try this again and let me know if this changes anything for you? Even just a screenshot of the screen you are stuck on (with the keyboard not popping up) can help a lot, as I may have to be in contact with other teams on this concern as this visual should help for them. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure if the jpg file will be displayed as part of this message. If not, I’ll try another way.


Definitely not a unique situation . I am facing the same issue and unable to keyin 2F code as keypad does not pop up on iphone 6S /IOS13.X - Thanks

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Hey neighbors! @ME108 Thank you for that screenshot and @Maddy_Ring thank you for reporting you’re having this concern too. Neighbors, can you ensure you have all other applications on your iPhone closed and not go into your messages when retrieving the code when signing in, but instead swipe down from the top to see the message, and then input it? It’s possible that leaving the app is causing this concern, so try not to leave the Ring app to go to your Messages to see the code. If you swipe down from the top, the code should display here. If this does not work either and you cannot click on the boxes in the area, please let me know.

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For reference, I have an iPhone 6S on iOS 13.5.1 and when I logged out of my Ring app, went to log back in and after putting in my email address and password, it took me to this page, with the keyboard automatically up and the option to put in the code, as well as the code displayed in the text preview:

Thanks for your idea. I had to modify it slightly to get it to work. Basically I had to leave Ring (the first couple of tries I had to force close it), come back, and then use the code before it expired. In any case, I’m now back on Ring on my phone. Again, thanks!

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