2022 Spotlight Camera hardwired kit stuck in setup Mode

I had a good experience with hardwired doorbell pro and my stick up cam with ring for about a year. So good that I decided to add a spotlight camera (2022) about 4 months ago and purchase the ac wiring kit for it. Worked flawlessly for until 9/27 it suddenly stopped recording and the app shows camera offline. Upon looking at it I noticed a blue blinking light. From research I was able to learn that this is indicating it’s in setup mode. I first tried to reconnect via the app to no avail. I tried all of the trouble shooting tips on rings support site and some tips on the community site.
The issue is that the WiFi signal that the camera is supposed to be broadcast cannot be connected to from the phone that I set it up with. I even used a different phone, based on the company opinion that it’s my phone that is the problem. I even used a battery to bring the camera inside my house to try to setup to rule out poor WiFi strength outside at the mounting location.
I did the top button press for 20 seconds to reset it. I took the battery out and powered down for 3 minutes. I disconnected from the home WiFi then tried to setup in the app again All result in the same fail to connect to the camera setup wifi.
I managed to swap out a different new camera to the same mount and ac wiring, and easily set it up, using the app, same original setup phone and same WiFi network.
Clearly the camera that failed is the problem as every tip to reset the camera failed, and everything that the troubleshooters on the support site blamed , have been verified to work with the new camera .
How do I go about getting this camera replaced? I understand that it may have a 1 year warranty , and it is only 4 months old.
If this goes unresolved , I will only assume that ring’s support for their product is lacking .

Hi @user60629. Those were excellent troubleshooting steps to try for your concern. Unfortunately, replacements cannot be handled here in the Community. Replacements are handled by our support team. Give them a call at one of the numbers available here. Before they replace a Ring device, they will verify if a replacement is necessary and that your Camera is still under warranty.

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