2022 Ring doorbell - can't see at night

My camera does not have color dark mode. Once it gets dark out the only thing I can see besides blackness is the duplex across the street’s porch lights. I was irritated but just let it go bc it’s just a bad spot for the doorbell… but tonight the first 2 times I’d open live feed there was a second or 2 of being able to see everything perfectly before it goes to black again. Is it just bc it’s taking a second to figure out it’s dark? Or is there something I can do to be able to see at night?

I’ve followed the steps to turn on/off color night mode, but my device doesn’t have an option to toggle it.

Night vision quality can often be improved by adding light to a dark area. Enclosed entry ways are nearby wall surfaces in view can also impact how night vision might adjust. Here’s a great article with tips for improving night vision. :slight_smile:

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