2021 Wired Doorbell Wedge or Corner kits

Have a new ring doorbell wired 2021 model and need to angle it 45 degrees. Amazon site is very confusing which adapter is needed - corner, wedge, multiple wedge, both? Please clarify which/what to order.

Also why do the models get names 1/2/3/4/pro/2021? Very confusing and feel like this is going to be a rip-off in any case.

Look for 2021 model corner mounts, they will angle doorbell. Wedges will tilt doorbell up or down.
You could use both for your installation needs as long as they are for 2021model. Names are generation of doorbell w/different features. Some will also have different mounting plate designs and size.

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Hi @rrounds. You can find Corner and Wedge kits here. A Corner kit will turn your Doorbell 15° and can be stacked up to 3 times for a total of 45° . The Doorbells have different names because they all have different features for different applications.

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A Corner kit will turn your Doorbell 15° and can be stacked up to 3 times for a total of 45°

You might want to check your info before saying that. If the OP is talking about the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, the above statement is incorrect.

Corner Kit - Video Doorbell Wired
Corner mounts cannot be stacked with each other.
Adjust your viewing angle by 25°

Doorbell type is 2021 Wired. So much conflicting info on what to do. will likely need to use fabricate my own. If anyone else has input with experience in what to do, much appreciated. Note: I need to tilt 45 degrees horizontal, not the tilt down wedges that point lower.

Called Ring Support. No such thing exists. Can’t stack the corner kits, can stack wedge kits but don’t care to look at people’s shoes as they come to my door. Time to migrate to another ecosystem and upgrade my cameras, lights and the doorbell, I guess.

Hey @jharris3600. Thanks for pointing that out. I did get things a little jumbled up there! I was trying to say that you might be able to achieve this in combination with a Retrofit kit.

So @rrounds, to clarify, you would need a Spare Parts Kit, Corner Kit and a Retrofit Kit to achieve a 45°. I should have articulated this better and I apologize for the confusion. This method will be a little more costly and might not be too ascetically pleasing. It will also require a little bit of ingenuity! Alternatively, you can use the Doorbell Wired specific Corner Kit, but you would not get the 45°.

Again, I apologize for the confusing information. I was trying to use out of the box thinking to provide a solution that might work for you.

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Thanks. I did install the corner piece and it’s just not good enough. Had a good thing going with the pieces for the original doorbell. Am going to spec out a custom piece and 3D print. Pretty disappointed overall in the lack of foresight at Ring with the newer device and no upgrade path for the parts/accessories. As my Ring ecosystem continues to age, a forklift change will be in the works. By the way just to dump more background if it were not for HomeBridge, I would have made the move earlier.