20 second video download limitation

Please tell me this is a bug.

Nope, this is not a bug. Also, it does not download the exact 20 seconds you select. You also cannot download video’s online from Rings web site that are locally stored on your ring car cam. This is not good.

Hi neighbors. Currently, you can only download 20-second segments of a drive event, which are locally stored on Car Cam. Here’s how to select a specific segment to download:

• Open the desired drive event (or select on your Event Timeline)
• Select the start location of the clip.
• Click More (…) » Download » Agree & Continue » Wait for video to process.

Your video will be processed and the Ring app will notify you when the clip is ready for download. At this time, web support for the Ring Car Cam is partial, and you cannot view videos (local or cloud) or Live View on Ring.com. We’re always working to improve functionality and add features, and hope to have it available in an upcoming release. In the meantime, you can access the Live View and view videos from your Car Cam in the Ring app on iOS or Android.

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