20 point RSSI variation during the day

I have a ring wireless doorbell 3 connected via chime pro to my wifi.

RSSI of chime pro of office wifi is RSSI-45 to 50ish, consistently. RSSI of doorbell 3 ranges from RSSI-45 to RSSI-70 which varies day to day, time to time, irrespective of the weather. Doorbell 3 shows the same RSSI whether checked in the chime pro settings or the doorbell.

What would account for 25 point change in RSSI? The doorbell is outside about 15 feet from the chime pro. When showing RSSI-45, doorbell works perfectly.


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Radio signals can vary in strength all throughout a day. Also the battery powered devices do go into power save modes which could account for it.
Of course, unless you are having actual issues I wouldn’t be worried too much about the RSSI levels and just enjoy using your devices.

I am having issues as the RSSI levels impact performance. At RSSI-70, recorded motion events come out as black videos defeating the purpose of having this doorbell cam at all.

I’m not sure how the chime pro network radio signals might vary in strength. The doorbell’s design should account for power saving settings otherwise why allow it to record in circumstances other than when the button is pressed.

My question is driving at what impacts RSSI? I understand metal, wood, distance, for example, but the seemingly cyclic change of RSSI with 20+ point delta with no other apparent changes in the environment. .

metal, wood, distance, for example

You answered your own question.

Good luck!

Hi @ct-esq. Where is your Chime Pro located? It is possible that with this variation in RSSI, there is some sort of interference causing the issue. This can happen if the router or Chime Pro is in close proximity to other electronic devices or in an area with high interference, like a kitchen. Try checking to see what other devices in your home are on when you notice this RSSI drop, and go from there.

There are no other devices. One chime pro is 15ft away (on same plane) and a second chime pro is about 20ft away on the floor above.

The only variations I can think of are heat and humidity. The doorbell is on a covered porch and completely shadowed but sometime when it is hot and humid, the RSSI doesn’t change.

Hi @ct-esq. In this case, it would be best to contact support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.