2 x Ring Pro 2's coming - now I'm looking at existing doorbell wiring ...


I have a pair of Ring Pro’s coming next week. I have 2 wired doorbells and 1 chime.

The labelling on the existing chime is minimal (nothing saying Front, Rear or Trans)

1 see numbers 0,1,2 and 3.

I assume 0 is the Trans because all of the white wires go there.

I assume 1 is power from the box and 2 and 3 go to the doorbells.

Is there an easy way to test? I was thinking of turning the power off at the panel, taking off one wire, turning power back on and testing to see which door bell does not work. Does that make sense?

Hey @Pleady. Do you know the name/model of the chime kit you have? I recommend verifying that your Chime Kit is compatible first, and then look up the manufacturer’s manual to know what the numbers mean in reference to front, trans and rear. From there, you should know how to set this up, and if you’re unable to find that info, contacting a licensed and local electrician should help assist you with finding out how to wire it. :slight_smile: