2 way talk green botton disabled

2 way talk green bottom disappeared from app for both door bell and flood light camera in back yard. Instead “microphone” and”speaker” bottoms showed up, both white color and crossed off. When someone ring my door bell I can click on microphone , talk and they can hear me but when I click on speaker botton nothing is happening. I cannot hear anything that person saying. Same citation with camera in the yard. Does anyone knows if this is permanent change and we have to switch to different provider or it will be fixed by ring

Hi @user57315. Tapping on the speaker icon should allow you to hear what is happening at your Camera or Doorbell. Make sure the volume on your phone is turned up when you tap on the speaker icon. If you tap the speaker icon and there is a line through it, this indicates it’s silenced, so you would need to tap it again to hear the sound at your Ring device.