2 way talk acts like a phone clall

When I activate the 2 way talk feature on live view with my ring doorbell 2, it treats it like a phone call and I can’t hear the person at my door unless I hold my phone up to my ear. I can’t see any options to change it to “speakerphone” so the audio comes through my phone’s speaker.

During playback of video, I can hear what I said and what they said perfectly fine through the speaker.

How can I change this? My phone is a Galaxy s8 plus. My wife’s iphone 11 doesn’t have this problem.

Hey @Mee399, do you have any bluetooth devices that are connected to your phone? I would recommend disconnecting any bluetooth devices and then attempting to go to the Live View again. Let us know if this helps!

So, it seems to work properly when I turn my bluetooth off. My bluetooth is always connected to my galaxy gear s3 smartwatch though. I don’t see why this would cause issues with the ring app. The sound doesn’t play through my watch when I activate 2 way talk, it plays through my phone’s earpiece. My watch being connected to my phone via bluetooth doesn’t have any effect on any other aspect of my phone or its apps.

So, to answer your question…yes, turning bluetooth off does help make it work properly. But, it SHOULD work properly regardless. I shouldn’t have to disconnect my watch every time I use the ring live view.

@Mee399 Thanks for doing that for me! I will make sure to pass this information on to the appropriate team for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime!

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