2-way audio not working with Spotlight Cam Battery

When I get a motion alert, or when I go into Live View, I am not getting my audio from the app to the camera. When I open the view, I un-mute the audio at the camera side and I can hear the audio there, but when I click the green phone icon to speak, it does not go through. Later, when I playback the video, my audio that I attempted can be heard. But the person at the camera does not hear the audio live.

Hi @sharper3. That’s interesting that you can hear the audio when you play the video back later on. Have you tried any troubleshooting steps with the Spotlight Cam itself, or have you tried the Live View on a different smartphone or tablet to try narrowing down what could be causing this? I’m curious to see if this concern persists across other smartphones or tablets, or if it is only one.

I can hear from the cam when talking on the phone but cannot hear anything on the phone when talking at the cam. Only have one way audio. Its not the volume on the phone