2 Stick Up Cams, One No Snapshot Capture


I have 3 Ring Devices, One Peephole Doorbell Cam and 2 Stick Up Cams (one is plug in). The Peephole has had Snapshot Capture for a while now, the Battery Stick Up Cam got it around a week ago but my plug in one does not have it. All say firmware is up to date. It does not make any sense because they are basically the identical cameras and “up to date” firmware, so both should have it. Any ideas? Thanks!

I have a similar problem here:

2 stick up cams. One has the option for enabling capures in the menu. One does not.

And even more strange: the one which has the parameter visible in the options is enabled and not working. The other camera is lacking the parameter in the Options menu and for that is not activated (I guess). But the strange thing: On this device I have die snapshots… :confused:

Hey neighbors! **This feature is currently available on new device setups. Access to this feature will be available for existing devices soon, as you will see from slowly getting it via new updates to your existing devices. You can learn more about managing the Snapshot Capture feature here. We appreciate your patience in the meantime! **

The one that has the option is the first one I got. The one without snapshot capture is newer.

I posted the same problem and jennifer or chelsa had the same response. I said i just set it up a month ago and she replied contact support. Not sure whats going on.

Hey neighbors! I followed up again with my teams to ensure why the Stick Up Cam was not included in the list of devices to have it. As stated, the Snapshot feature i**s currently available on new device setups, but access to this feature will be available for existing devices and versions soon. We also have a note in our Ring Help Center Article here, which points out that the Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen does not have it at this time, whether the device was newly set up or not, but it is coming this year! You may see one device have it while another does not, and this can be due to the device being a different hardware version than your other. You can verify this with our support team here. **