2 second video

Suddenly our ring doorbell records for only 2 seconds or the video is black. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



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Can you please try rebooting your router, @CDR ? Let us know what happens!

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We did that already.

By chance, is this a new router?

Yes, it is.

I have the Same Problem. Most of the records are complete black.
that’s since yesterday 5 pm

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@DR1 do you have a new router as well?

@CDR - please lower the firewall or createa . guest network to see if the 2 second videos continue to happen. Please let us know the outcome!

I may just get rid of the ring doorbell. It appears to be much more trouble than it is worth.

@CDR from your statement that it is a new router, clearly there is a disconnect there. Try the advice we sent overor give us a call at 800-656-1918 for further assistance.