2 rings (front & back door) mechanical chime

Hi all,

My fiance wants 2 rings installed. One on the front door and one on the back door. I would like to keep the hardwired system vs using batteries and would like to maintain a mechanical chime. I looked for cut sheets online and wasn’t successful but came across this board.

My questions are:

  1. what voltage and VA transformer do I need for this setup with a mechanical chime?

  2. is there a compatibility list for chimes?

  3. can any of the rings work in this scenario

Thanks in advance

Hi @BobMarley. Happy to answer your questions! You can find a comparison chart of all of our Doorbells here, which will also list the voltage requirements for the transformer based on which model of Doorbell you get. This comparison should help you narrow it down since you want it to be hardwired rather than battery powered. Once you decide on which model of Doorbell you’ll get, you can find chime kit compatibility lists in our Help Center by searching it. You can also let me know which one you’ll be getting and I can link the appropriate list as well. Also, you can find wiring diagrams for different setups of Doorbells and chime kits here, which may help as you decide what you’ll be using. :slight_smile: