2 Ring Pro 2's

Hi All -

Ive got 2 ring pro 2s, 1 internal chime and a new 16V 30VA transformer.

One of the doorbells seems to not be getting adequate power. Powers up but just alternates between going into setup mode and then going into standby, never providing setup wifi.

Ive looked at all the wiring diagrams and not really apply to the wiring in this home. There are direct runs from the internal chime to each doorbell and the transformer which is in another area of the house.

Ive wired them as front and rear with the pro power kits installed for both. One works as it should, the other doesn’t. I was able to install a non pro and it worked fine. Is there a problem. with one device or is it underpowered as I suspect??

Thanks All

Hi @ErisSean. Your transformer is what is recommended to run two Pros 2s, and if you connected the Pro Power Kits as shown in the wiring diagram for two Pros and one chime, then it should be working correctly. It could also be the wiring gauge. Use this Help Center article to verify your wiring gauge is adequate. If that checks out, reach out to our support team to further investigate. Also, the articles I have provided are for the Pro, but that information applies to the Pro 2 as well.

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