2 ring doorbell


Wanted to see if this issue that I’m having could be resolved.

1 have 2 ring doorbell, one in FL, and one recently installed in SoCal. Primary “owner” on both, with the FL one, given access to 2 individuals. Now that I installed my new one in SoCal, the 2 individuals in FL are able to receive notifications for my SoCal Doorbell, though no access was granted to them to the SoCal doorbell. Any way to revoke their access to the SoCal doorbell?

Thanks in advance

This will depend on how you are “granting access”. When adding users per Ring device, this is best accomplished via Shared Users. Adding a Shared User will allow you to choose the location and Ring device that they are added to, and can be changed/ adjusted later in the Ring app.

The other method is by simply giving your household members your Ring app login credentials, in which this would give them access to the same devices as you have. This access can be changed via the Ring App Control Center > authorized client devices section. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: