2 ring cameras on 2 devices

I have 2 ring devices set up, one at my mothers door and one at my door. I keep them both so I can watch for my mothers safety and my families. But I have both devices set up on my phone and I would like to have my mothers device only set up on her phone. Is there any way to turn off notifications for my camera, but only on her phone?

Hi @turtlegirl4587. You may want to remove your mother’s Doorbell from your Ring account and set it up under her Ring account. You can still be added as a Shared User to her Doorbell so that you can receive notifications if you want and check the Live View, but she will not see your Doorbell. Alternatively, you can disable the notifications for your Doorbell on her phone on the device profile page. There will be a toggle for Motion Alerts and Ring Alerts that you can toggle off so she will not receive notifications on her phone for your Doorbell. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: