2 Problems since updates

First, since the new options were added in March, I have been getting delayed notifcations. The delays are between 10 and 15 seconds. But… Before anyone can ask or say my RSS might be bad. They are not. Chime is at 32 and doorbell is 50. Someone can be inside my house, before I ever get an alert that someone is at my door. Though the recording seems to start pretty quick, the alarms, however, do not. It used to tell me the second someone came into view of my cam. (walking up my ramp for instance. Now they can come up the ramp, walk across the 8 feet of porch and enter my house before any alerts tell me someone is there. This all started soon as the latest features were installed

Second: Today I noticed I was receiving no audio alerts at all. I went into my app, to find the newest doorbell chimes have now been removed. I had cat screech as an alarm for moion, and another chime for doorbell. Both have since vanished (within past 2 days) and defaulted to original sounds (silent). I don’t understand how this could possibly be helpful, if you delete sounds from the program.

I went into my phone app, to find all new downloaded sounds are now gone. No holiday sounds at all it seems. everything in my Chime Pro has defaulted to originals