2 Owners on account

I’d like to be able to adjust settings but because my husband was home when the system was set up, he is the ‘owner’.

I really think you need a system that allows more than one administrator to be assigned. I think it’s going to be frequent that the non-technical person is the one at home when they’re setting it up. This was the case with my system. I’m a technical person yet I was at work when the device was set up. Now I can’t change any of the settings because I don’t have access on the app.

I really think the development team needs to figure out how to allow to admin accounts to allow for two separate adults to be able to change the settings. Sort of like on a PC where the person who sets up the computer can then set up the other family accounts and either give administrative privileges or not.


Completely agree!!! I have the same issue.

Hey neighbors! Thank you for your feedback. I made sure to pass this onto the appropriate team for you. In the future, if you have any feature requests and additional ideas, feel free to post them in our feature request board here. We have one for each of our product boards so you can put them where you feel they are best fit!

Good Morning. DId you get a reply from RING on listing 2 owners for 1 account? We have the same situation.

Hi @rvtraveler100. At this time we do not allow for more than 1 owner to be on the account. We recommend to set up the devices on whomever may be more accessible to make device and account changes and then add the second user as a Shared User under the Main Menu > Settings > Users from the owner’s account side.

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Ring has a milllion other bugs they are chasing in their app, and I doubt we’ll ever see the “nice to have” features. Just use the same login and password for both of your devices… done! Works for us.

Hi, has Ring updated the ability to add additional owners?

Hi neighbors. As mentioned, we do not allow for more than one person to be the owner on a Ring account. You can add additional users as Shared Users. Other neighbors have requested this feature before, which you can find on the Feature Request board here. Our Feature Request board is how we gather and share feedback with our teams, so please vote on that request if it’s a feature you’re interested in.

It’s 2023, Ring should at this point have the capacity to have more than one owner on an account. Only the owner can favorite a video, which is ridiculous too.

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