2 or 3 zone alarm

Can i set up my ring protect plus so i have 1 code for my living area, 1 code for my lower suite, and 1 code for my garden suite. With Each zone triggered separately. eg. When i am away on vacation, but my tenants go into their suite, i don’t want my main house alarm to be triggerd and vice versa. Woud i have the master code so that when they move out i could reset the code and set a new code for the new tenants?

Hi @cal88. For the Ring Alarm Home Security System, when you set up a code, that code is used to send a signal to the base station from the keypad to arm and disarm the entire system. In order to achieve what you are looking to do, you will need to have a whole system and base station unit set up in each suite. Therefore, since they will all have their own system, keypad, and code, you can have a set master code for yourself as the owner, and create guest codes for anyone coming and going. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

Unfortunately, Ring does not support partitioning. I also would like to see partitioning added as a feature one day.

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Hi Chelsea. I don’t mind buying them a whole system each. Will the fee be just one fee for the Ring Protect plus since it is all in one address, or because its 3 separate units, I would have to pay 3 annual fees. ?

Thank you.

@cal88 You would have to pay a separate fee for each Base Station to have a Protect Plus Plan, as you can only set up one Base Station per location. Therefore, you would also be creating three locations for this situation as well. Although, when it comes to the Professional Monitoring side of things, it can be a bit hairy. I actually covered this for a neighbor with a similar concern in an older Community post here. Please check that out for a bit more detail on a situation where you would have multiple Base units at the same address.

Ultimately, you will only be able to have one of your suite’s be professionally monitored, unless your suites have different physical addresses, as only one physical address can be monitored by our Central Monitoring Station at a time. Let me know if this makes sense or any follow up questions you may have! :smiley_cat: