2 of my cameras stopped working at the same time?

I have 6 battery operated security cameras. They have worked flawlessly this passed year.

I think ring did a great job.

Today I check my cameras and 2 showing dead batteries at once. I go to my charging station and get the spares that I rotate so to always have the cameras on. I put fully charged batteries in the cameras showing dead batteries and cannot get either on to power up.

Too much of a coincidence for 2 of my cameras to do thisat the same time.

How can I resolve this ? Did you guys do a software update?

We’re my camera’s hacked?

Looking for suggestions.


Hey @Matt23! It sounds like you may be experiencing something similar to neighbors in this Community post. I recommend checking the battery hatch for any debris and ensuring to close it securely after inserting the battery. If this does not resolve you concern, try resetting the Cams by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds.

Having this happen on two devices is certainly unusual. Feel free to reach out to our support team for further troubleshooting, if the above steps do not help.

Thanks for the recommendations. Neither one worked and one of my other camera was flaky today so I’m leaning towards software problem. I will reach out to the support team.

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I had the same issue recently occur. Both Spotlight Cam’s came in the same 2 pack and after battery’s needing a charge I went to put them back in and one will not turn on at all and the other turns on but will not respond properly and will not reconnect to my network.

Similar problem here. Replaced battery when indicated 3% life left with a fully charged battery and now it will not turn on at all. On app it still reflects 3% battery life as if I did not replace it. Factory reset doesnt work either. Tried using a third fully charged battery but still no luck. Five other cameras working fine, so far. Any solution??? $200 for a camera to only work for one year is definitley disappointing.

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I am having the same issue- What’s the resolution to this issue?

Having same issue with a camera that is 4 months old


Same thing happened to me and appearantly I am not the only one. Before I explain what happened in my scenerio. I’ll let you in on some of the troubleshooting they had me do:

  1. make sure your battery is fully charged, inserted correctly (if it still doesn’t turn on see #2)

  2. Press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds

If these 2 options do not work, the ring team will tell you that the battery terminals are damaged. Then they will check to see if it is still under the 1 year warranty.

These ring devices simply do not last long, and once it is outside of the 1 year warranty …the “Ring Team” will not help you with solutions, but only tell you to purchase a new one. I’ve had a spot light cam not turn on at all after trouble shooting it with 2 different Ring reps. My device is about a year and a half old, and outside of warranty. The protection plan is $10 a month… at that point I might as well hire an electrician and get a real security system that will at least last me a while. I’m aware of the product fine print/marketing strategies, but I fell for it yet again. A company that overcharges for products that have a short life span, overcharges for a warranty which in one year basically would pay for a brand new item any way, and to top it off …they don’t even offer a repair service at a cost. Just another disappointing product. Imagine that!.. a sportlight cam purposely designed to be mounted outside cannot survive normal weather conditions and craps out after a year. POS Product. The cost of warranty, and services just to have this function what it is “designed” to do…does not make this a wise choice for surveillance. Hire an electrician and get the real deal.