2 New Doorbell Pros - Single existing mechanical chime

I recently installed 2 new Video Doorbell Pro units in a new construction home that came with a standard mechanical chime, and 2 standard doorbells. Although the doorbells are working and recording video, I apparently am missing something as the mechanical chime is not working.

I installed the 2 Power Pro units that came with the 2 doorbells, but no combination of wiring seems to work. I also purchased a hardwired transformer from Ring, currently not installed, and unsure if it’s needed.

Can someone point me to a wiring diagram for this scenario and clarify whether the hardwired transformer is necessary in this case (2 Video Pros, 1 existing mechanical chime)? Thanks!

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Hi @ahenderson. You can locate wiring diagrams for the Video Doorbell Pro here. Select the tab for two Video Doorbell Pros and one internal doorbell chime to see how everything should be installed. It’s also important to ensure the transformer is providing sufficient power for both Doorbell Pros and the internal chime kit, so testing out the setup with the Ring transformer may resolve this. Lastly, verify that your chime kit is compatible with the Doorbell Pro by checking the make and model against the compatibility list here.