2 locations 2 passwords

I have a ring account for my house and there is a different ring account for my parents house.
They are two different locations.
Can I manage them with one account? Or will I have to log off one account, to use the other?

Hi @jloh. You can be added as a Shared User for the Ring devices at your parents house if those devices are set up under their Ring account, or you can set the devices up under your Ring account and add them as Shared Users. In either scenario, you will not need two Ring accounts as the devices will be listed under two different locations in the Ring app that you can swap between. You can learn more about Shared Users in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

It works, thank you! Now I only have to log into the master account when I need to add or remove cameras and other fun stuff like that.

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