2 Issues: Floodlight turns on outside of schedule; and doesn't turn off as configured

I recently installed 2 flood lights. This only happens to one.

Current settings:

Light schedule - 11pm-11am (in order to have it turn on at 6pm-6am EST, i’ll explain below)

Motion zones for lights - set below 50%

Auto-shutoff timer - 30sec

Issue 1 (resolved): I noticed that when I first set the light schedule to 6pm-6am, it would light up around 1pm in the afternoon. After some research from another thread, other users mentioned that the floodlight was set to GMT(ZULU) time, so if you adjust accordingly (see my above current setting) it will fix it. This seems to be resolved via this workaround.

Issue 2: When the light first fires up (following the schedule, and i’m guessing based on motion), it doesn’t turn off unless i manually go into the app and turn off the lights. I am expecting it to turn off after 30 seconds as per the setting. This only happens the first light up each day, once i manually turn it off, it will still light up based on motion, but will turn off after 30seconds.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on with the 2nd issue? Both these issues appear to be affecting one of the two lights I’ve installed.

thanks in advance.

Hey @Ty00. For the second Floodlight Cam, you should try to power cycle it and see if this helps! You will want to turn off the power from the breaker that is associated to that camera and leave it off for a couple minutes. Once it’s back on, go back into the app, update the settings to make sure they are still accurate, and observe the behavior. Let me know if this helps resolve the second camera not following the schedule!

So here’s my update.

I did as you asked, and powercycled the camera.

  1. the timezone issue remains, my camera is set to ZULU/GMT time so I’m working around this by adjusting the “Light schedule”. hopefully there will be a fix in the future but its not a big deal because;

  2. The light coming on during the “scheduled time” and my having to manually turn off rather than it going off at 30 sec. I am realizing his is my fault, because i’m mis-interpretting the “Light schedule” function.

I had thought it meant “when do you want the motion sensor lights to come on when it is triggered (by motion)”, when rather it means “when do you want your lights to come on/off, and STAY ON during that window”.

I have since disabled the light schedule function.

Consider these issues closed. Thank you.

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Urgh… This has been frustrating for me also. I just changed my light schedule using the ZULU offset. Is Ring going to update the app to guide users to use Zulu time instead local time? Or, reconfigure the app to add time zone selections for the Zulu offsets like marine GPS units use?