2-factor text not being received

I am no longer getting my 2-factor texts. Nothing about my phone has changed. MY number has not changed in 5 years. I am getting texts for other companies and people. I have not messed with my phone plan I have Google fi. Ring support just ended up removing text 2-factor an went back to email. But I prefer to get text. They said I could try to add my phone number back in 72 hrs. But I might be back where I started.

Hi @Jram. I would recommend checking your phone settings to ensure the text is not being blocked or flagged as a “spam” or “robo-caller”. This can happen inadvertently when a update happens on your phone. If you’ve done that and you are still having issues, it would be best to follow up with support on your open support ticket. I hope this helps!

Turned out to be my phone provider google fi. I got all the texts from the last few day this morning

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