2 Doorbells and 2 chimes same sounds

Honestly this seems like such a no-brainer concept, and one that would be so simple to engineer. Of course this would be something that would be needed, how did this make it past QC to begin with? It seriously makes me question the level of care and engineering that went into this product and continues to go into maintaining it. For something that is used to protect our homes for which we pay a premium monthly service for, I’m beginning to have serious reservations.


How woudl we differentiate on the cell phone. Each time I get the same chime for a person at the door, and I have only seconds sometimes to view the person. My rings are at different locations so I want the phone sound to change? Can the app supply a different ring sound for each location??


Great question, @Donnaknox! The tone that is played to notify your Ring app and mobile device can certainly be changed. In the Ring app, open the Menu, select Devices, and choose the Ring device you’d like to change the tone for. From the Ring device page in the Ring app, select it’s Device Settings tile, then select Alert Settings, and finally select App Alert Tones. There you will be able to assign alert tones, which is per device. Repeat these steps for your other Ring devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Have you personally done this??? It doesn’t seem to work that way on mine. One sound for ALL doorbells is the way mine works. Maybe you are using a newer model?


Are you trying to set different times on your phone or chimes? It seems like this thread now has 2 different needs. Let me know, I may be able to help. If a phone, what kind? If using 2 chimes, let me know.

It is really unacceptable that such a basic feature as linking multiple doorbells to a single chime with different sounds is not supported. Maybe I’m too cynical but I have to conclude that Ring management killed this feature to support sales of chimes since it would be so trivial to add. I’ve taken my opinion of Ring as a company down several notches on the back of this.


I like how the question about different chimes on the app is treated like a stupid question
“ The tone that is played to notify your Ring app and mobile device can certainly be changed.”

Well, count me as another sap that assumed that something so simple as choosing a different tone for each door on the Ring Chimes was something that “certainly can be changed”.


Same sentiment here. Okay - the chime is really not THAT expensive, but it should have this capability.

Absolutely ridiculous that a dedicated doorbell chime can’t differentiate different doorbells with their own tones, when the app can do this perfectly well.

After 2 hours of tearing my hair out trying to get the chime added and working in the first place (that’s a whole different tale of woe and frustration) I find it’s basically hamstrung by design! This would be such a trivial feature to add, but without it I’m seriously thinking of sending it back. There is no way I’m going to countenance having one chime for each doorbell.

Epic fail, Ring


Ridiculous! Even the cheapest doorbell at Home Depot gives you this option.

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Ring —

I’m with the other customers on this issue.

Each door bell should have it’s own sound coming from a single chime.

I have purchased three pro video door bells and they are all going back if there isn’t a work around for this.

Please advise soonest.

Disappointed in Bethesda.

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+1 on the need for this feature.

BTW the Feature Request Page linked above doesn’t load.

Anyone from Ring care to respond? It has been over a year since the first post on this thread so an update would be appreciated. Are you working on this or not?

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Hi @Jason7. We don’t have any updates to share on this specific request. We’ll typically post about updates in the Ring Device Tips and How To’s board, which you can find here. As for the Feature Request board, you can access it here. The Community moved platforms in December, which is likely why the previous link doesn’t work correctly. I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

Unbelievable that Ring doesn’t support different tones for front and back door.
And even if ring programmers were so short sighted as not to think that would be useful, it is even more unbelievable that after it’s been raised so many times here you haven’t added the feature. It would be trivial to change the setup given the chime is capable of producing different tones and the rest of it is software.