2 Doorbells and 2 chimes same sounds

I purchased 2 ring2 doorbells and I put one on the front door with the other on the back door. I placed the chimes in two different locations.

I’m trying to get the backdoor sounds the same on both chimes. And the front door sounds the same on both chimes. I’m not having any luck so far.

I would like the chimes to let me know what door is ringing. Is this possible?

Thank you



Great question @MarkB ! This would be best accomplished by simply dedicated one chime to one of the Doorbells, if you are wanting different sounds for each. Two devices connected to one Chime will have several options of alert tones for both motions and rings, however, this tone applies to both Doorbells.

For example, a Front Doorbell cannot have wind chimes for motion alerts while the Back Doorbell has harp for motion alerts on the same chime.

Of course, ring alert tones can be different from motion alert tones, but devices on a single Chime will share the chosen alert tone. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


That’s sad that such an expensive devise is not able to have different sounds for different doors. Most of the old school doorbells had different sounds for the front and back. I fell like this is a step backward.

Thank for the reply



I have same issue, so if I bought 2 chimes, and set front door on one and back door on the other ,that would solve the problem?

Yes @Pearlmae .

We will certainly pass your feedback along @MarkB and update you if anything changes in the future :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m trying to get a different sound onto each door and can’t believe this is not possible. Seriously Ring, I hope you add a setting where a different chime tone can be set for each door. I have two doorbells and 3 chimes throughout the house. Surely at this cost you can do this. Thanks


This is so frustrating. It is hard to believe with today’s technology I cannot get a different bell sound to differentiate my front door from my back door .


Let me add my disappointment that Ring didn’t build in the ability to have different doorbells chime differently. Serious design flaw.



Agreed. One chime should be able to have separate sounds for each Ring doorbell. Ring, is this feature being worked on?


Same problem, 3 Ring Doorbells (2x Ring Doorbell 2 + 1 Ring Doorbell Pro) and two Ring chimes - can it really be true, that you are not able to have different sounds on your chimes, so you know which doorbell is activated - really disapointed, the price on Ring products taking in consideration… Is it in your roadmap?

Is it the same with the Chime Gen2?


Just wanna chime in here and add my disappointment that it isn’t possible to have different tones for different doorbells. You are continually trying to get people to add more doorbells but it is like you haven’t tried this out in a real setting yourselves. If you have a big house with multiple doorbells, you aren’t going to want one chime for each of these in every part of your house you want to be alerted of a door ring.


We just came across this same problem. We have 2 doorbells and 2 chimes, but cannot tell which doorbell is being pressed since the chime tones are identical. It’s not a good option to require separate chimes since multiple chimes helps us hear the doorbell throughout the house


This is as stupid as it gets. I have 2 doorbells and one chime pro - and I was hoping I would be able to set different sound in the chime pro for different doors. Now I don’t know which door to open. This is beyond stupid.


I also agree that this is a seriously lacking feature.
Hopefully they can add it in an update soon.


This has been a problem for a while looking at past post. This should be an easy fix which means Ring is not being supportive of their users. Even if a new ultra pro model is need it is still better than buying another chime or two depending on the number of doorbells you have.


Hi @JohnZ! This is correct. The sound alerts on the Chime is per chime for a type of event, and not per Ring device linked. So a motion and ring (button push) event can be differentiated with alerts on the same Chime, but two Doorbells linked to a Chime that are both notifying for motion will only be able to use the assigned tone on the Chime.

We see many neighbors dedicate a Chime to each Doorbell in order to obtain separate sounds for each device, and alert type. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

As a retired programmer, this feature would be an easy “cheap” feature. Send me the source code and I’ll add it in. It’s ridiculous that this feature isn’t already there.



I have the same. Two doors two bells and one chime. Want to know which doorbell in ringing. Come on Ring. Please sort !!


Here is the solution I found: Don’t use a Chime, Instead use an Echo speaker that is connected to the Ring with Alexa. It ca announce anything you want and by default it will announce “someone is at the front door” or “someone is at the back door”. Works great, And they can be the same Echo speakers you use for music throughout the house. If music is playing it will be interrupted by the door announcement.


Is it just me who thinks that, based on the replies received and the zero action from Ring to rectify what has already been confirmed as an easy fix, the reason they WON’T fix it is so that people buy more chimes…