2 cameras only one shows in dashboard

We have 2 camera, i am primary on one and hubby is on the other. But in dashboard only one camera shows up? One is labelled backyard on hubbys and one frontside on mine. I can only see mine and him the same but we both get motions for both. ?
Should we both not see both cameras in fashboard?

Hey @RVmomma. If you both set up the cameras so that you have ownership of one device and he has ownership of the other, they will be on two separate locations. This is because you will be “Shared” on the other devices, and therefore it creates a separate location. If he has successfully shared you as a user for the other camera, you can open up your Ring app and toggle to the other location to see the camera.

For this, in the Ring app, access the main menu at the top left and select the location name above Dashboard. Once you select the location, you will see two - the current location you are on and the other location name that says (Shared). Additionally, you may see a third location that says “All Cameras.” You can access this and stay on this location so you can see both devices at one time on your Dashboard. Hope this helps!

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Big thank you!!?

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