2.4ghz force connection

How do I force my Ring Doorbell Pro to get to the 2.4ghz band rather than the 5ghz band?. I’m hoping this will make a better connection to my router. I’ve measured the signal strength at my door with other devices and they’re strong. But for some reason the doorbell signal strength is weak. I have a mesh router with an extender very close to the Ring door bell.

You need to make sure your router is showing 2 separate SSIDs. One for 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz. Then during setup choose the 2.4 GHz SSID. It will give you longer range for sure. An extra boost can be achieved if your in an area where there are many others with signal you can choose a channel, I’d try 1, 4 or 11 since they don’t overlap other channels and are less likely to be used.

Thank you Eagle328 !

i assume “setup” refers to the doorbell. Not the router?
I’m new at this.

Yes, when it asks which network to connect to, choose the 2.4 SSID. Most separate them like housewifi and housewifi 5ghz. So the one without the 5 GHz would be the one to connect to. Just make sure you see both. If there is only one without the 5 GHz, then it’s both which causes the problem of not knowing which one.
You can call customer service and they can help with this as well.
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