1st gen ring alarm Keypad battery light indicator needs an option to turn off!!!

So I just had to uninstall the 2nd gen Keypad because it doesn’t have the option to keep mode lights on ( this is ridiculous and frustrating to have to go backwards like this, add this feature ASAP please). So I got the 1st gen installed which was a huge pain because the included bracket was poorly designed and not setup to have the usb plugged in from within the wall. Anyways I modified the bracket to finally get it installed and while I finally got the mode lights to always be on now…a new issue is this stupid annoying battery indicator light. Who gives a crap about the battery when you are going to always have it plugged in??? Can you add an option to disable the battery indicator light? It is so annoying, if they can’t fix it I guess one option is to take it apart and remove the led light indicator manually? Seriously frustrated with the 1st and 2nd gen keypads…it is so simple…give customers options so they can customize it how they want!

White tape would be easier than taking it apart ?

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Thanks, I thought of doing that but Putting tape on a keypad looks janky and also the green would still show through Some of the other areas of the keyboard. Not worried about what is easier, just want it to look right. Still not sure why they can’t just add a toggle in the software. If they will add the option to the 2nd gen Keypad to always show the mode when plugged in I will switch back. I don’t remember seeing a bright green light on the 2nd gen Keypad when plugged in. Who knows, depending on if the take apart looks like it will break it I may put tape on it for now :confused: