1st Gen Keypad keeps restarting

I have a 1st gen keypad that I am using as a second keypad. It seems like it keep restarting. All the number keys light up and the ring also lights up white. I tried removing and re-adding. I also tried to factory reset the device and re-adding with no success. Any suggestions?

Hi there, @Robert_CA! This certainly sounds like an odd concern. As long as the Keypad is adequately charged it should not power down and back up repeatedly. If you feel that the Keypad is disconnecting from the Base Station, try moving it closer to test the signal strength.

Removing and re-adding was a great step to take! I recommend checking out our Keypad troubleshooting help center article for a couple more steps worth trying, including a reset. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: