1st gen doorbell light always on in battery mode, picture always black and white

I recently purchased a second hand 1st gen doorbell, it was a black and white picture when I installed it, which to be honest I can live with, but I called support and they had me do a reset pushing the orange button for 20 seconds, a light come on the doorbell button, it wasn’t spinning just solid blue, then I connected it again by adding new device, the black and white picture remained, I was then told to plug it into a charger and perform the reset again, and now the solid blue light won’t turn off, it’s battery operated all the time, but the light doesn’t ever shut off, and now the battery needs charging every day rather than the week or so it was lasting before. Frustrating that the doorbell is much worse now then when it was just black and white and that’s all because I followed tech instructions, to make matters worse, I was given a 30% voucher code and told it can be used on ANY product, yet when I tried to buy a wired doorbell with power adapter I was told the code won’t work with accessories! Extremely annoying, but as a last ditch effort before I throw the doorbell in the bin I wondered if anyone here could advise me on just getting the light to turn off so the battery isn’t draining daily? Thanks in advance!