1st frame in motion capture

When our ring doorbell 2 captures motion, the first frame is always difficult to make out. The second and third frames improve, however, by that time, the opportunity to identify someone may have passed. Can anything be done to improve this behavior.


  1. Motion sensitivity set to maximum
  2. HDR set to ‘On’

I’ve included 2 frames (HDR seems to not kick in until about frame 6)

Hey @Ring5, have you tried seeing what the video quality is like with HDR off and if it improves the first few frames at all? If you could test that and attach screenshots of what it’s like with HDR off, I would love to see what that looks like!


I will try with HDR off and post again once I have motion detected

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I have a video with HDR off but can’t attach to this post. Are we not allowed to share .mp4 files?

@Ring5 If the MP4 file is too large, that may be why it’s not uploading! No worries, if you got this video from your Ring history, do this instead:

  • Go into your Event History, hit the share button where you would normally download the video.
  • Instead of downloading, select email or text, and then it will pop up the respective one.
  • In that body of that message, you will see a ring.com share link.
  • Grab that and reply to my post with that! :smiley_cat: