15v Poor voltage on transformer reading. 24V 40VA Transformer would solve this?

Hello I have the ring pro 2 and I’m getting an inconsistent reading from “good” 16v voltage to a “poor” voltage reading(15v) in the device health setting.

I currently have a 16V 30VA transformer.

Will a 24V 40VA Transformer stop this from going into 15V poor voltage status? And can anyone recommend the best one to get?

Is it not normal for the doorbell to fluctuate from poor to good voltage status?


Hi, you may want to read my post on this subject. I have a Pro 2 and the app reports voltage all over the map (15v to 18v). The app is wrong. I have taken numerous multi-meter readings and they are consistently 18v at the doorbell despite what the app is reporting. That being said it has never failed to operate correctly so while annoying, it does not appear to affect performance. I am using a Ring generation 2 power supply assuming it would be the best possible option…it is no different from any other 24v power supply.

Thanks for the information…

the ring pro 2 did power down once so I did get the 24v 40vac transformer and it’s been solid. Stays north of 25v…

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Great to hear @marine0816! :clap:

I’m having the same problem, do I need to power it down and restart?